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If your child is creative and interested in digital professions, then a digital painting internship will probably appeal to him.

This digital painting course aims to familiarize participants with the creation of 2D digital images. Digital tools have developed a lot in recent years and techniques are constantly evolving.

This skill is increasingly sought after by major video game and animation studios and by book and comic book publishers. And the demand from children to learn to master the techniques related to this skill is growing.

Manon Blesch will be our speaker. Professional in graphic arts, she will introduce participants to the methods of professionals in the field.

What to expect from this course?

Thus, they will be able to acquire skills such as:

  • How to draw with precision on a computer and a graphics tablet.
  • The use of new drawing techniques… and why learning these techniques also improves computer skills.
  • Methods to develop the imagination by precisely representing their favorite characters… with the right colors and characteristics.
  • How to differentiate at a glance the different planes of a drawing (foreground, background)… and why it is important to know how to do it.

Do I need special equipment to be able to participate?

Yes, it is necessary to have the following tools: Photoshop, Clip studio or procreate and its tablet.

Some tablets require a computer which may be available at school. Please let us know.

These tools are necessary because digital drawing courses have several objectives.

First, understand how best to use a graphics tablet. Then, know how to draw and colorize on it: line, colors, layer management…