colorful, graffiti, painting, face, art, illustration, spraypaint, psychedelic art

In this workshop, your child will discover the depth and poetry of words, sensations and emotions. Thanks to short texts, hilarious jokes, existing tales or to invent together, we will explore drawing and illustration from all angles.

Over the year, we will learn to apprehend a text, a sentence, or a story, to create our own illustrative universe. In the program:

  • create its atmosphere with its own color code,
  • apprehend, feel and know how to represent an emotion, a feeling,
  • Create characters using predefined characteristics, imagine their personality and know how to represent them through drawing

We will learn how to build an image, a comic strip, or an illustrated album, using multiple techniques: colored pencils, paint, pastel, watercolor, collage, black and white…

If the academic approach (morphology, expression, proportion, arrangement of color, dynamics of an image) are in the program, the sessions are filled with imagination. It also seems important to me to alternate between method and free expression, so that everyone can feel capable of creating a universe in their image, with their “leg”, their signature while feeling supported by a pre-established structure, to feel guided, in complete safety, towards one’s own inner world.